Battle on the Marathon

by John Thornton

In the traditions of Starship Troopers and the Forever War, comes the Battle on the Marathon. The generational Colony Ship Marathon left a dying Earth to seek a home for humanity. Inside its giant biomes are people spending their entire lives on the flight. Their descendants will be the people who settle the destination world. Life in those biomes mimics life on an idyllic Earth. Additionally, tens of thousands of people are in suspended animation to be awakened on arrival. During the long journey, something went wrong. Something found the Marathon. This book chronicles the life of one habitat dweller, Kalju, as he becomes aware of his role in what is taking place. How will the battle on the Marathon end? This is a stand-alone book set in John Thornton’s Colony Ship Universe. Over thirty other books are related and also available. Also PROFESSIONALLY NARRATED AS AN AUDIOBOOK!

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Category: Science Fiction – Military