Battle Born: Peebo Lim – Sci Fi Military Space Opera & Alien Conquest (Trigellian Universe – Warrior Series Book 5)

by J. T. Skye

She is an elite, battle hardened Warrior. With the end of the Slave War, she feels lost, confused and alone.

Then, an arrogant family tried to kill her…

Thrown out of Space Fleet for using her Warrior skills to defend herself, she travels to the edge of the galaxy to seek answers about herself and her destiny.

But not without an evil family trying to kill her, pirates trying to kill her, Privateers trying to kill her, then being kidnapped and having to battle to escape as a branded mining slave.

Then, and only then, does she realize her destiny.

Grab your copy of Book 5 of the Warrior Series today to follow elite Warrior Peebo Lim along her desperate journey to just stay alive… all the way up to the end… when it all comes together.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera