BARATANAC TRILOGY (Part I): Book One of Fitzmarbury Witches

by D. J. Swales

A NEW DARKNESS AT THE WORLD’S EDGE: A ruthless priestess of Baal sails from the imperial African city of Carthage, to breach new frontiers at the edge of the world in tribal Britain. Sixty years have passed since the fall of King Leonidas and the Spartan 300. She is a hardened warrior, wrenched from the only love she ever knew and raised in merciless service to Baal. Her iron heart holds the secrets of a young girl trafficked across the Sahara from the decaying Egyptian city of Sekht-Am (Siwa). Ever threatened by the scandal of her origins, she proves herself by embarking on a series of perilous and violent missions.

The African coast fades. The greatest fleet on earth steers into the fathomless Unknown Ocean . . .

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Category: Fantasy – Historical