Baldwin’s Legacy: The Complete Series

by Nathan Hystad

A brand-new collection featuring all 6 Baldwin’s Legacy novels. Over 1800 pages of space battles, starship exploration, betrayals, and redemption. Get your copy today!

Thomas Baldwin has been appointed captain of the state-of-the-art flagship Constantine, named after his heroic grandfather. The Statu war was won, and the Concord has enjoyed fifty years of relative peace.

When Baldwin’s first mission turns deadly, he fears the worst. The Statu have returned.

Included inside:

Confrontation (Baldwin’s Legacy Book One)
Unification (Baldwin’s Legacy Book Two)
Culmination (Baldwin’s Legacy Book Three)
Hierarchy (Baldwin’s Legacy Book Four)
Lineage (Baldwin’s Legacy Book Five)
Legacy (Baldwin’s Legacy Book Six)

Join the Concord today! Until we meet in the Vastness…

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera