by Kasi Blake

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Hunting monsters or falling in love? Which is more dangerous? Bay-Lee Van Helsing is about to find out.

After sixteen years on the run, hiding behind aliases, she is ready to join her cold and distant father at his secret school in New Zealand. Once there, she quickly learns good grades aren’t important here. It’s all about survival.

She will face a rogue reaper, wraiths, a border monster, and an angry hunter with amazing jungle green eyes.

Nick Gallos hates her on sight. So rude, she wants to walk away and forget he exists. But he’s the best hunter in school. She needs him. It’s just business.

So why can’t she stop thinking about him?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by Kasi Blake

Bay-Lee is in hiding again, but her father is determined to return her to school to finish her training. Nick thinks she should go back, but he’ll do whatever she wants at this point. A pack of werewolves change her mind. Maybe New Zealand is the best place for her. She can refocus on her goal to become a great hunter, solve another in-school mystery, save some lives, and find a way to be with Nick even though everything seems to be lined up against them.

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