Badlands Born

by Wade Peterson

She tried to take the easy way out. But life after death is killer…

Jasmine Shaw believed being dead would solve all her problems. But instead of reconnecting with her deceased twin brother, she wakes up in a grim desert afterlife where zombies want to munch on her brains. And no sooner does she escape that fate than she’s pursued by an indestructible psycho samurai.

Harried and terrified, Jasmine teams up with an Eighties glam-rocker wannabe to navigate the unforgiving landscape. But with a horde of flesh-eaters and the katana-wielding nutjob hot on their heels, all roads seem to lead to ruin.

Will Jasmine find her sibling at the gateway to paradise, or will she be skewered on a warrior’s blade?

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary