by K.N. Lee

In Titania, those born with magic all have one thing in common;

They are taken from their homes and trained at the Titan Academy for Mages.

Ember is a unique shifter protecting the realm. Wren is a fairy orphan of war with mysterious origins, and scars where her wings used to be.

Both have a unique power that the world has never seen.

When a dark force begins to creep across The Vale, whispers of a new evil haunt Wren and Ember’s dreams.

While Wren and the Dragon Elite do their best to ward off the coming darkness, secrets are revealed, and her life hangs in the balance.

They only have each other as danger mounts and death awaits at the gates of Titania. A sacred jewel from ancient prophecies, and a fallen kingdom may be all that can stop the coming storm.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic