Awaken: Book 1 in The Dark Paradise Chronicles

by Isadora Brown

There’s something wicked happening in Onyx City…
Souls are being recruited by the devil himself to prepare for an all-out war against Heaven, and Reese Lespoir finds herself at the heart of it. She’s awakened from a coma by a kiss from a mysterious stranger who’s more prickly than prince and learns she now has the power to see the future, which apparently, requires careful training. When a girl is taken by Onyx City’s most notorious criminal, who may or may not be a demon, Reese is thrust into the forefront of the impending war well before she’s ready. Her new friend, Andie Shepherd, is intent on getting her sister back from the demonic criminal at all costs. , and if Reese doesn’t help her, Andie may have to rely on the assistance of a vigilante known only as Black Wing, dangerous as he is tall, dark and handsome. Just because he has wings doesn’t always mean he’s an angel, after all.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban