Awake: The Legacy of Akara

by Dayna Dunbar and Julia Nadine Padawer

On 12.21.12, the world was supposed to end. When it didn’t, the Mayan prophecy was thought a myth. But it was not. Earth was saved by intervention from planet Akara—home to an awakened civilization. To protect the individuals involved, this story has been a well-kept secret. Until now.

Akara had experienced a spiritual Rebirthing after their Ravaging Era. Mobius, competing to be a flier in Akara’s space program, finds an ancient artifact that reveals a rogue space commander from the Ravaging Era attempted to colonize Earth in 720 AD and planted a time capsule in a Mayan pyramid. When Mobius discovers the capsule is about to open and destroy the Earth, he races across the galaxy on a mission to save the precious blue planet.

Joined by Guatemalan ranger Diego, American heiress and activist Jillian, and Mayan shaman Inka, Mobius embarks on a geo-quest to prevent the Armageddon.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary