Atlantis: The Complete Series

by Brandon Ellis

A brand-new collection featuring all Atlantis novels in the Ascendant Saga. Over 1500 pages of action, intrigue, and ancient and forbidden secrets…

Ancient pyramids exist on a Jupiter moon…
…and a prophesy foretells the extinction of humanity.

We are not alone in the galaxy. But who are they?

When archeologist Kaden Jaxx is taken to a secret location by a mysterious government agency, his theories about Atlantis are proven correct. But why won’t the scientists answer his questions about the strange hieroglyphs? Why is a colonel threatening him with imprisonment?

Why won’t they let him leave?

Once Kaden discovers the truth, his life takes a twisted path of betrayal, violence, and heart-pounding adventure. And the fate of the Earth hinges on a guess.

Can what’s coming to humanity be prevented?

Previously $9.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure