Asteroid Jazz (Cowboy Karen Book 1)

by J. C. Gilbert

One space cowboy, one asteroid belt, one sociopathic cat.

Karen just wants to get by in this crazy system, but it ain’t easy. It’s a honky-tonk life out on the asteroid belt and not the good kind. When things go well, life is fine. Find some work, do the job, get paid, and keep flying. But since when did things go well?

She knew it was a bit risky picking up a job for the Order of Bo, but it’s a tough season, and the pay is good. What seemed like a simple courier job just got a little bit more complicated. With a missing ship, hallucinations, and a shifting rendezvous point, Karen and her companion Fluffy have their work cut out for them.

Life is not quite fine.

Sub-fine, if you will.


You decide.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure