Assassin’s Blood

by Marina Finlayson

She set out to destroy the assassins. Now she must join them or die.

Half-fae Sage wants revenge on the fae assassins who murdered her friend. But when she’s caught spying in the heart of the assassins’ stronghold, she has a choice:

Trust Raven, the arrogantly seductive fae noble who promised to help her, who has more magic in one feather of his midnight wings than she has in her whole body.

Trust Ash, the steely-eyed master assassin who spared her life by binding her as an apprentice, and who protects her even though he seems to hate her.

Or confront the mysterious deadly being that lurks at the heart of the assassins’ power, the infamous Thief of Souls. They are all puppets dancing to its malevolent tune, but when the music stops, who will be left standing and whose strings will be cut forever?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban