Aspiria Rising

by Douglas Barton

It’s The Hunger Games for geeks.

In Dominy’s world, society’s hierarchy is determined by outrageous intellectual competitions that are unlike anything else seen in the galaxy.

Welcome to Aspiria.

Trained to compete since childhood, Dominy can’t wait to challenge the best. But the best are disappearing…

Desperate to unravel the mystery, the young cadet recruits a band of fellow trainees in an attempt to dominate the Games and seize leadership. Unfortunately, for these special cadets the rules are changing, and now winning could mean their exile and losing means the destruction of the intellectual capital of civilization in a galaxy-wide conspiracy.

If you enjoy speculative fiction you’ll love Aspiria Rising with its non-stop adventure, heart-pounding suspense, and touch of quirky romance.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian