Arrival: Book One of From The Sky: an alien invasion series

by David McGowan

Everyone heard the UFOs arrive.
Some thought the noises in the sky were jets.
Others thought it was thunder.
Only one person knew the truth.
Giant islands in the sky, hovering over the tiny California town.

Everybody feared what would happen next. They had good reason.

Terrible beams, red and green. Birds falling from the sky. People’s lives thrown into chaos as the town’s darkest secrets are revealed.

Murder, death, destruction.

Then the vanishings.

The town is destroyed.

Out of the carnage, a handful of survivors emerge. A sheriff desperate to protect. A traumatized ten-year-old boy and his black Labrador. A feisty redheaded girl with an attitude.

Can they find safety?

Can they figure out what this advanced alien race wants?

Can they get their people, and their planet, back?

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion