Armored Warrior Panzerter: Storm of Steel

by T.E. Butcher

An unthinkable tragedy, followed by the largest battle in human history.

In the wake of a horrific Union attack, Millions are dead. Reiter must assume command of his regiment for the largest operation yet. Their target: to retake the provincial capital of Pulaski and open up the Union homeland to Invasion. His soldiers are exhausted from countless battles, but the hope of liberating their homes inspires them to press on.

Everything is on the line. If The Tharcians cannot retake their capital, then it’s unlikely they’ll have another shot. However, an implacable man stands in their way: MAG General Declan Kennedy. Determined to win victories so he can free his people, Kennedy realizes that if Pulaski falls, then his own homeland becomes threatened.
The stalemate is ending. The armies are moving again. Will they be able to turn back the tide of invasion? Or will they be lost in the storm?

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Category: Science Fiction – Military