Armored Warrior Panzerter: Eve of Battle

by T.E. Butcher

Captain Paul Reiter is running out of time and space. As fierce Winter storms set in Western Tharsis, the war has ground to a stalemate. The Union no longer advances in miles, but meters. As the storms ground aircraft and shroud the battlefields in fog and snow, Reiter must find a way to stop the bleeding. He needs to begin winning his homeland back. To do that however, he must overcome one of the most implacable men on Mars: Declean Kennedy.
Engineered and trained from birth to be the perfect soldier, and pilot, Kennedy is one of many artificial soldiers to swell the Union’s ranks. however, unlike his peers, Kennedy has been engineered to be the perfect leader. Relentless, the young man grows increasingly ruthless as his enemy struggles against submission. His patience is wearing thin. And before the new year, he intends to enter the heart of the Tharcian homeland…

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Category: Science Fiction – Military