ARIA: Left Luggage

by Geoff Nelder

A case found in orbit is sent to NASA. A virus is released inducing infectious amnesia. Society breaks down exponentially. Ryder, realizes what’s happening and is exuberant in the awareness that this is Earth’s first alien contact.
The first amnesia victim becomes a criminal to keep his family alive, and despairs as his young daughter loses her ability to read and talk. A zookeeper joyfully beds his wife, who forgets their recent divorce but his subsequent amnesia makes him forget the medication for the gorillas.
A second container is found. Some think the aliens have misguided good intentions. Others assume the aliens will be back to occupy the future depopulated planet.
Ryder’s friend, is infected but he keeps notes to cope. He hides in a log cabin with a diabetic woman, running out of insulin. Information and isolation is the key to survival but whose and what for?

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact