Arcane Mercenaries: Captain

by Mark August

Magic started a war. Grant will do anything to end it, including giving up his power.
For fifteen years, nations battled to rid themselves of the scourge of magic, and Captain Grant Gwydian’s mercenaries have been on the front line. Except, he’s StarTouched, a mage, and the leader of the Arcane Mercenaries. His group of wizards gets the toughest jobs and impossible missions courtesy of the highest bidder.
Overarching every skirmish and monumental battle is the threat of triggering the Apocalypse, and everyone blames the arrival of the Star-Touched as the greatest threat in known history. With enemies around every corner, the Arcane Mercenaries must embrace their powers and trust themselves above all others. But is one company enough to shape the future of empires and battle to save humanity?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic