Apollo Explorer: U-SAM Series Book 1

by Rob Nesbitt

The choice is stark. Execution, dying through brutal slavery or becoming a galactic fugitive with a death bounty on your head. Which would you choose?
Sole survivor, of the Federation starship SS Michelangelo, U-SAM clings to the wreckage, watching the only ship within two million miles that can rescue her. Wondering what the female leader of the pirate space warships fleet that just destroyed her crew will do. Abandon her to die in space, take her prisoner or simply blast her out of the heavens? Apollo Explorer is the first book in Rob Nesbitt’s Science fiction action, adventure series that opens the door to an intriguing and exciting space opera drama, with girl hero commander U-SAM and her quirky and exceptionally talented crew. Fast-paced space travel fiction, engaging characters, deadly extra-terrestrial forces and a strong female protagonist will keep you on a knife-edge.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure