Apocalypse: Diary of a Survivor

by Matt Pike

With the 2023 release of The Parade nearing, relive where the Apocalypse Survivors universe all began.
Regular teen Jack Baldwin turns prepper when he finds out a comet is headed towards Earth. After living through impact night he now has to survive the other survivors t the end of the world.
***Sequels also on sale now too!***

“Pike’s take on how an apocalypse could happen is fresh and unique, even if it is utterly terrifying”
Underground Book Reviews

“An interesting and thought-provoking twist on armageddon fiction”
Michael Owen-Brown

“Pike manages to capture the essence of a teenager, coupled with the devastation and effects of losing so much, so quickly. He clearly researched all the details, and this a believable tale of death and destruction.”

BRONZE MEDAL: Young Adult Fiction, 2015 Global Ebook Awards, US
BRONZE MEDAL: Books for Teenagers (vot

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic