by Kyle West

In a future devastated by a meteor impact, Alex is about to learn why he’s lived his entire life in a bunker.

Earth, 2060. The world is a wasteland, and a deadly virus is turning men and animals into monsters. In a kill or killed world, can a sheltered teenager survive long enough to find a home?

The son of a biologist, Alex might be the only one who can stop the virus. But when he becomes the target of raiders, he finds himself running for his life.

Can Alex handle this brutal new world, or will he also become a victim of the wasteland?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


by Kyle West

Ragnarok was only the beginning.

Buried in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, is the massive Bunker One. Long conquered by the spawn of the xenovirus, it is now the mission of Alex Keener, Samuel Neth, and Makara Angel to find the fallen Bunker, or die trying. Contained within are the mysterious Black Files, which may be the key to stopping the xenovirus before it is too late.

But one thousand miles of post-apocalyptic desert stand between the team and their goal, and human hostiles and killer dust storms are the least of their worries. They must make it to Bunker One before the winter snows bury it…and before anyone else can claim the files as their own.

And in the Great Blight, the monsters get bigger. Much, much bigger.

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