Apocalypse A.I. – The Seven

by A.J. Ramsey

One Soldier… Six Civilians… A desperate mission to destroy the A.I.

Five years of fighting against the machine army of D.A.N.A, has left Apollo craving peace… and maybe a small hope of redemption. It won’t come easy. Officially, Apollo is one of the finest soldiers the Elite Special Forces unit has in its command. Unofficially… he’s suspended.

When the council offers him the chance to lead an infiltration unit against D.A.N.A, Apollo realizes that this death trap of a mission might just cost him more than he’s prepared to pay. This last ditch effort could end the war… but how much can he possibly accomplish with a unit of untrained civilians against the war machines of D.A.N.A.

Time is working against them; the machines have already implemented an assault that humanity will not survive. Will Apollo be forced to give up everything for the sake of humanity?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic