Antuna’s Story (The Antunite Chronicles – Book 1)

by Terry Birdgenaw

In the blink of an eye, a colony from Earth finds itself sucked into a wormhole. Plunged on a new planet, they must forge new lives and work together to survive. A tiny ant, Antuna, bravely steps up and becomes a leader. She protects the colony by thwarting harsh elements threatening starvation. She fights against discrimination and leads the resistance to the evil forces corrupting their society. But can she save her friends and herself from impending doom?

Antuna’s Story is a Watership Down meets Empire of the Ants adventure, which reflects humanity’s frailties throughout history. A speculative fiction story where insects evolve and become intelligent enough to understand the chemistry of nature but lack the wisdom to prevent war and genocide. It provides a fresh, eye-opening look at how our world navigates the struggle between altruism and aggression.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

The Rise and Fall of Antocracy (The Antunite Chronicles – Book 2)

by Terry Birdgenaw

Many generations pass and the heroine Antuna’s actions have become legend. A new breed of cyborg insect emerges, with many choosing to follow in her footsteps, and utopia is within reach. Yet, a malicious leader, Antilla, thrusts the society into a deep darkness that threatens its survival. Rule is wrenched from democracy to autocracy. Will this generation have the strength to combat the new menace?

The Rise and Fall of Antocracy is a 21st-century Animal Farm that challenges current political trends. It presents a speculative fiction story where cooperating insects become intelligent enough to build universities and cyborgs but lack the wisdom to prevent tyranny and a climate catastrophe. It provides a fresh eye-opening look at how our current world navigates radical change.

Previously $4.99