Anointed by Blood

by Edith Ryder

Imagine a world where a man’s life force is the battery for a woman’s magic.

Anointed by Blood is a twisted love story about teenage witch Neave, cursed – like all her kind – to suck the life from her true love, Lachlan. He will live, but their Bind is a cancer, depriving him of the life only women can enjoy. Oppressed, broken, bitter – Lachlan’s on the lowest rung of the Order of Witches and he’s going to burn it all down. The price of revolution: his heart, his sanity, and Neave’s life.

Lachlan’s twin brother Jack wants nothing to do with magic. Witness to his father’s suffering at his mother’s hands, he shuns magic, eking out an existence in the mortal world. But when Lachlan enters into a devil’s bargain, leaving him damaged and Neave in danger, Jack must sacrifice his freedom and join Neave on a mission into London’s underbelly to rescue Lachlan from his hideous fate.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban