ANIMAL GRAPH (SFF Post Apocalyptic)

by M.Black

What if in the future, a dictator name Truss took over North and South America? What if he grafted prisoners to perfect his own Graphed soldiers? What if some of these prisoners escaped?

In this 6 book series of Animal Graph we explore the Amazon, Savannah, Orinoco River, Highlands, Plateaus. All the beauty of the Amazon forests, as well as some of its splendid flora and wildlife like Toucans, Howler Monkeys and Caiman. We also meet radiated creatures poisoned by the nuclear wars.

JIN and ADAN have to run for their lives in the picturesque Amazon, because they are being hunted to train soldiers. But their grafts will aide them and as they learn to use their animal graph, they will turn the tide of this upcoming war.

If you enjoy stories like Dr. Moreau or Hunger Games, or even stories of survival with twists you don’t see coming…this is for you!

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic