Anduirnaëch: Rage of the Forest. Epic Fantasy. Swords of Wind & Storm Chronicle Book 1

by Gonzalo Rohmer Zamm

On the island of Anduirnaëch, Nature is going medieval on humans. Will they survive?

Mortus Bardiche, an ex-soldier turned sleuth wizard (wannabe), is the last mage alive… in a world without magic. Where did magic go? He should get his act together and solve the mystery before the whole city of Hather Müir is annihilated.

On the other side of the island, Ceynn Raymure a half human, half something else wild ranger, struggles to keep a group of survivors alive in the middle of Mashaírwa, the Great Forest, while the guiblee humanoids close in with deadly intentions. Can she track them down and discover why they are so desperate to wipe all humans out?

A merchant, a builder and an ambitious thief bent on starting a war for the control of the city underworld complete a set of characters ready for a story of true epic proportions.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery