Android Assassins (Setup Book 1)

by Dean C. Moore

Framed as the mastermind behind a murder of one of America’s top black ops field agents by five android assassins, Max Chase is on the run for his life.

But for Max, it’s all a game. Literally. Because this is his initiation into the FBI-FD, the Futurist Division of the FBI. Tasked with keeping those wielding breakthrough technologies from causing an apocalypse, or the next closest thing, the department is on a tight budget, understaffed and overworked. Their solution: the Setup. If Max can survive the frame AND bring in the actual mastermind without being killed under the ever-watchful eye of an angry nation, he can pick up his FBI-FD badge. Until then he won’t get one iota of help from the department.

They won’t even acknowledge that he exists.

And that last part is definitely a problem, being that his wife and twelve year old boy are caught up in the dragnet.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure