Anakisha’s Dragon, Riders of Fire Dragon Masters, book1

by Eileen Mueller

***** “One magical ride!!!!!!”
***** “A remarkable book… You’ll find yourself wanting to grab a sword or bow and fight alongside the characters.”

A steal at 99c, from USA Today Bestselling author Eileen Mueller.

Being a dragon rider is not in Anakisha’s plans. And Anakisha’s stubborn. She’s not giving up her dreams anytime soon.

Even the dashing Yanir—the King’s Rider, who patrols the skies on the ebony King Syan—can’t convince her to train at Dragons’ Hold.

But then her gifts unfold.
A dragon comes calling.
And a bloodthirsty pirate captain rises to power, spreading terror on the Naobian Sea.

Leaving Anakisha torn between her dream and her duty…
Because nobody ever really wins in battle…

If you love heart-pounding adventure, soaring with dragons and swashbuckling with pirates, take flight today with Anakisha’s Dragon & Riders of Fire Dragon Masters!

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

Dragon Mage, Riders of Fire Dragon Masters, book 2

by Eileen Mueller

***** “An exciting, action packed page turner. Brilliantly written.
***** “Dive into a world of magic and dragons for an adventure of a lifetime!”

On special! From USA Today Bestselling author Eileen Mueller.

A young dragon mage with raw, untamed power. A trapped sea dragon that only he can free. And a vindictive trainer ruthlessly plotting to kill him.

Giddi, a powerful young mage, can mind-meld with dragons at will, making him the only dragon mage in Dragons’ Realm. If he wasn’t so brash and impulsive, he might amount to something.

But his arrogant trainer wants him dead.

As if fighting fearless pirates, freeing a sea dragon and battling a kraken isn’t enough, Starrus abandons Giddi in the hot desert sands of the Wastelands, leaving him as carrion for the Robandi Silent Assassins…

By the dragon gods! How will he survive?

Unleash your power today with Dragon Mage!

Previously $4.99