An Obsidian Sky: Part Two

by Joel Cooke

Your mistakes make you.

Darius Malaroth, Vale’s most infamous assassin, is about to return. Hidden from the public eye for the last four years, Darius has put everything into rebuilding the Broken Sector. Using an elaborate deception, he’s rebuilt the hospital, given hope to millions, and worked tirelessly to help his fellow man. But his dark and bloody history is about to catch up with him.

Janus Scitilliant, an ex-military operative, has earned the trust of a powerful ally with Greyson Lorath. Representing the chaotic and impoverished Broken Sector, Grey has spent his career representing a part of Menilax that the other Sectors have shunned. After the destruction of the board by a mysterious assassin, Grey’s world is on the verge of disaster. While he may be rough around the edges, Grey’s the only one who’s delivered results.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military