An Oathbreaker’s Vow

by J. Ellen Ross

The king of Tahaerin bartered away his daughter’s childhood and sent her to live as a hostage in foreign kingdom. On his death, Leisha returns to a shattered land and a throne she knows nothing about.

The powerful men of her kingdom want her married off quickly or killed quietly. Surrounded by enemies, she has no intention of going along with their plans.

Trained to spy and kill, betrayed by the only home he remembered, Zaraki fled Ostrava to the court of Tahaerin. With nothing but a quick wit and the sword on his hip, he offers the new queen his service.

To save herself and her kingdom, Leisha will trust her life to an unknown and unproven spy. To protect her, Zaraki will break every oath he’s ever sworn.

Together, they’ll reshape the kingdom. If they can both survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery