An Enchantment of Thorns: A Fae Beauty and the Beast Retelling

by Helena Rookwood & Elm Vince

A fae beast. A wild beauty. A curse that could doom them both.

As town greenwitch, Aster’s dedicated her life to defending her people from the nightmarish fae of the forest. But despite her best efforts, each year a girl is taken as a tithe by the Beast who rules the Folkwood. None ever return.

And this year, the Beast claims Aster.

When he whisks her away to his lavish woodland court, Aster finds herself prisoner in a cursed mansion laced with enchantments and filled with hordes of mischievous servants.

Then there’s the Beast himself. His savage beauty and dark magic never fail to remind Aster of his predatory fae nature.

But when the Beast realizes Aster is more powerful than either of them had guessed, he offers her a deal. Her freedom in exchange for her help breaking the curse on his court.

It might just cost her heart.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales