Amethyst Tears

by M.A. Legvold

Willem Blackworth was just another Scottish warrior until he became an immortal with a thirst for blood.

Now he goes by the name Dante and lives within the chaos of humanity, hunting those who exploit the weak. He has “seen it all” over the centuries, until a botched assignment leaves Cara Wynn — an innocent young woman with striking amethyst eyes — at his mercy. He saves her life, a decision that will forever change him and create an unexpected path to finding the answers he’s been seeking for hundreds of years.

Brought back from near death, Cara is determined to find justice. She will accept a dangerous plan to befriend an opposing, cunning immortal and infiltrate his operation, the same immortal villain who left her for dead. The plan is simple until deep friendships and crushing desires force all involved to walk a perilous line between good and evil.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban