Alveria Dragon Akademy: The Complete Series

by Ava Richardson

Join dragon tamer Kaelan Younger and shifter Prince Lasaro in this boxset.

Alveria Dragon Akademy boxset includes:
The Dragon Tamer
The Dragon Sickness
The Dragon throne

A kingdom divided cannot stand. For those caught in the middle, it means death.

For centuries humans and dragons existed side by side in Alveria, bonded by their care of one another. But no longer. After decades with no viable eggs, humans far outnumber dragons, and the survival of the species appears bleak. The outlook for everyday humans is little better as rogue dragons raid and torment villages. Yet it’s far worse for the tamers, beaten and killed simply for serving the noble dragons.

But eking by at the bottom of Alverian society isn’t any easier for Kaelan Younger. Harder still when her loyalty to the dragon crown is no secret. But then her dying mother reveals a horrifying truth about her identity…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic