AlphaOmega I: This Bloody Game

by Dan Schiro

Can a hero unravel an ancient galactic conspiracy in time to save democracy?

Orion Grimslade III is determined to forge his own path in a galactic future awash with alien technology and ancient magic. Yet when he takes a job protecting an idealistic young politician, he finds himself drawn into a conspiracy far older and darker than anything he ever imagined.

With the help of an interstellar exile, a fierce warrior from a dying race and his own living-metal spellblade, it’s up to Orion to keep Zovaco Ralli alive until Election Day. If he can, he’ll earn the money and respect he needs to keep his business — and his dream — afloat. But who wants Zovaco dead?

With only his friends and his arcane training on his side, Orion must face terrible truths and make hard choices to protect a fragile thing called democracy.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure