Alpha and Omega

by Carol T. Luna

“Someday I won’t be here to guide you. What will you do then?”

That’s what Doc said before he killed the Talarians who beheaded the Chief, and I woke up learning their army dragged him off in chains. He did it to protect me. But he’s all that I have left.

My name is Ao. I grew up in Kanrir, a verdant village surrounded by desolate wastelands. I was taught demonic creatures stalked the planet since it had turned. Now I know superstitions are folktales, but it makes nothing less dangerous. Especially since I’ll be rescuing Doc alone.

It’s a dumb idea but I owe that man my life. It doesn’t matter who I hurt or how much I’ll hurt to get him back. It doesn’t even matter if I die. For the last ten years, I’ve been living on borrowed time.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

The Left-Hand Man

by Carol T. Luna

Escaping a monster. Killing a king. Ao thought he was free.

Two months after the Spades’ raid, Ao and the Legionnaires learn of an alliance between Harena and Talus, two of the most powerful nations in the world. Their goal: to prepare for the next Hundred Year War. The Spades’ response: regicide.

But when a betrayal frames Ao as the killer and turns Harena against the Legion, Ao must ally with the Spades once more. Together, they must wrest the capitol from Talus’ control. Fail, his friends, and an entire nation, will fall.

If only a familiar horror hasn’t already tracked him down…

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