Allura – The Sisterhood Returns

by Robert Iannone

The Coven of Worlds, the organization binding all the planets in this section of the galaxy for the last millennium, is beginning to dissolve. A galactic war is becoming more and more inevitable by the day and Aerianna finds itself all but isolated. When, not if, they become a target, they have little hope of withstanding the forces that will be thrown against them.

However, they do have something that those other forces don’t have . . . the newly resurrected Hameggattic Sisterhood.

But the five young woman that comprise that sisterhood have no experience. All they have is the legacy of their ancestors, the DNA of those ancestors running through their blood and a fanatical desire to return the Hameggattic Sisterhood to its former glory.

Yeah, the smart money is on the other guys.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure