All Androids Lie

by H. Peter Alesso

All Androids Lie: Short Story Collection:

With powerful and haunting prose, these stories explore the resilience of the human spirit.

These science fiction stories will take you on a journey through shattered lives and distorted realities. Dynamic characters are set in dramatic civilizations populated by androids, creatures, and space empires. Each story explores the painful aftermath of loss, trauma, and tragedy.

All Androids Lie- In this gripping legal thriller, two highly skilled lawyers engage in a battle of wits over the accused, Roscoe Travis.

Streak Across the Sky – Excerpt from Captain Henry Gallant.

It’s Painless – Everyone lies.

Death’s Dream Kingdom – Excerpt from Youngblood

Ellen – is a tale of lost love and second chances.

Splatter – a young woman witnesses a deadly explosion that shakes her to the core.

Threadbare – Excerpt from Midshipman Henry

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Category: Hard Science Fiction