Alien Pets

by Trisha McNary

In the far future, aliens take humans as pets. Young human Antaska goes into space with an eight-foot-tall green alien and a psychic cat. Antaska thinks it’s a job, but the telepathic alien actually adopted her. On the trip from Earth to the alien home planet, Antaska becomes telepathic too. She tries to deny it. If the aliens knew, they wouldn’t let her travel with them. Antaska finds out it’s dangerous for telepathic females in outer space, but she doesn’t find out why. An un-Earthly attractive fitness instructor adds to Antaska‚Äôs problems. Desire, jealousy, and betrayal spiral out of control, but friends are there to help. Explore the many faces of love, hate, and pet ownership in this dark comedy journey though space.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact