Alien Mate

by Cara Bristol

After I was falsely accused of murder, I found myself on the SS Australia to become an alien’s mate. As if that’s not bad enough, his primitive planet is in the throes of an ice age!

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Alien Attraction

by Cara Bristol

I’m Sunny Weathers. You probably recognize me from my reality show, Sunny Weathers’ Excellent Adventures. I’ve had to perform a lot of crazy stunts in my career, but this one takes the cake! The producers are sending me to another planet to become an alien’s mail-order bride. I’m not allowed to tell anybody it’s a put-on, and as soon my contract is up, I’ll be leaving planet Dakon. Unfortunately, I hadn’t counted on my attraction to Mr. Tall, “Darq,” and Handsome…

Previously $4.99