by S. L. Mason

“We are not Gods. No matter what Zeus thinks.”

Herathina Log Entry ATD 1,784,652.51 Terra

The study of evolution had come to a standstill when we discovered Terra. It was the perfect incubator for a Millennial Project. But from the beginning, everything has gone wrong.
Our mandate said limited contact, not domination but Poseidon is too blinded by his lust for that human to listen.

Sydney 2020

I don’t know what I am. My dreams are filled with an island of blue and a woman’s indiscernible pleas. On the back of the dreams come abilities. Abilities I’m desperate to hide.
But it’s the voice, in my mind that terrifies me most. Is it real or have I cracked? Can you live a normal life if you aren’t? I can’t run from the truth or from myself, because the dreams are driving me to find answers.
Where is the island, how do I hide the truth and still appear normal on the outside?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure