Aijlan – The Silk Revolution

by Andy Graham

When Corporal Rick Franklin finds out the murderous truth behind the Silk Revolution, will he risk everything for what he knows to be right, or hide behind a lie?
Set in an alternate world based on life in the 21st Century EU and US, Aijlan – The Silk Revolution is Book One of The Lords of Misrule series. Part political thriller, part dystopian fiction, part tragic love story, it is a dark, morally ambiguous novel from British author Andy Graham. The book has been described as ‘dystopian with a heart’ by one reviewer on Amazon UK, and has a five-star, ‘highly recommended’ write-up from a Hall of Fame, Top 100 reviewer on Amazon US.
Will Rick Franklin walk the easy path? Download now to find out.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian