by Duane Rasey

What if you found out that Covid 19 was a manmade disease? It didn’t just happen, they made it happen?
In 2016, I authored the book “The Flaw.” It went on to chronicle mass shootings and a raging uncontrollable epidemic that would consume the planet.
This follow-up book “Aftershock, the COVID Effect,” looks at how a manmade virus affects the world’s population. It is a fictional representation of the Covid pandemic, told through the eyes of the protagonist, Dr. Olivia Walters.
Olivia is not impressed with the fact that her boyfriend warned those in charge of what this virus could do to the world but was ignored. As she reads through his research notes, she soon realizes the extent of the virus’ different variants. Though vaccination is said to be working, Olivia knows the truth—it will only work for one strain, not the next.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure