After Moses

by Michael Kane

This solar system was our cradle.
We never thought it would become our tomb.

A century ago, our AI benefactor, Moses, disappeared, taking mankind’s future with him. The dream of colonizing the stars is dead. Earth is silent and the settlements dotting our solar system slowly dwindle. Everyday life depends on technology that we no longer understand.

The future is grim.

Freelancer Matthew Cole struggles to pay the bills and keep his ship in the air. He’s always been a loner, but as the years go on and the solar system grows ever more dangerous, the time has come that he’ll have to either find a crew or perish. When the specter of Matthew’s past comes back to haunt him, his new crew will have to come together around their captain. They’ll find that he is a rare kind of man, one with principles.

And in these last days, that might be just what humanity needs.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure