by P.L.Tavormina

On planet Turaset, droughts and storms ravage the land, and with every barrel of oil pumped from the ground, the climate worsens. Alphonse has refused a council seat because taking it would mean serving the oil industry. He leaves the city for the mountains, where a power to live the past awakens. Alphonse walks the steps of his distant ancestors on long-dead Earth, soon growing plagued with memories of its collapse. Alphonse must prove the combustion industry’s treachery or Turaset will be next to fall.

He finds an ally in Myrta, a farmgirl who can see every molecule in every pulse of breath or blast of exhaust. With her talent, she can evade patrols on the industry’s grounds. Together, Alphonse and Myrta can convince the councils to shut down fossil fuel use forever.

But people have grown wise to Myrta’s power, and now she’s marked for death.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Colonization