Aerisia: Land Beyond the Sunset

by Sarah Ashwood

Hannah’s college plans didn’t include becoming the prophesied savior of a parallel world or getting tangled up with an immortal warrior. They sure didn’t include learning to wield magic or holding the fate of an entire realm in her hands. In fact, Hannah’s pretty resistant to the entire idea…until she learns that, in order to survive, she’ll have to become a woman with magic. The Artan.

Sometimes, before you can save others, you first have to save yourself.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

Aerisia: Gateway to the Underworld

by Sarah Ashwood

Discovering she is another world’s prophesied heroine was not something Hannah Winters could have ever predicted. However, having accepted the mantle of Aerisia’s Artan, Hannah must now move beyond the pain of the past and conquer her magic in order to save this land. Will the pitfalls awaiting her—suspicion, rumors, lies, betrayal, murder, warfare—halt her quest? Who is Hannah’s ally, and who only appears to be? Will shocking revelations about her heritage push her away or convince her that she’s walking the right path? With the Dark Powers growing bolder every day, Hannah’s pursuit of answers leads her to the Underworld, a place where even immortals dare not tread, on a journey from which she may not return…

Previously $3.99