Advent of the Magic Eater

by Chamberlain Potts

Haunted by the images of his mother’s death and faced with the reality that he will never be a mage, a young man discovers a deep yearning for magic within himself that will lead him down a dark path.

Nug was content spending his summers basking in the sun and jumping off the floating dock at his family’s lakeside cottage. Sure, his older brother Galen and his friends picked on him for being scrawny and awkward, but life was good, mostly.

But fate, ever fickle, changed all of this with the death of his mother.

Nug finds himself living on the streets of an unforgiving city, caught between competing factions: two Thieves’ Guilds, fire mages fighting each other for supremacy, the rich of the Golden Circle using their money and influence for personal gain, and the city guards working for the highest bidder. Survival isn’t easy.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic