Across the Broken Stars: An Epic Space Fantasy Adventure

by Jed Herne

“If you are looking for an epic fantasy that has a unique setting, this is it.” – Reedsy Discovery 5-star Featured Review.

Leon has a secret. He was once an angel – a winged warrior sworn to protect a realm where people live on discs floating in space.

He failed.

Now, Leon’s a broken man, who thinks he’s the last angel. But then a young fugitive stumbles onto Leon’s doorstep. She’s an angel, too. And she’s heard about a place where angels still live. Or so the legends claim …

Desperate for redemption, Leon begins a perilous quest through myth and folklore. But will Leon and the fugitive find their legendary destination? Or will Leon lose his last chance for salvation?

Brutal and gripping, this is a story about a flawed man’s search for forgiveness, set against the backdrop of an incredible fantasy world.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic