Abendau’s Heir

by Jo Zebedee

Kare’s been hunted all his life.

His mother, the cruel Empress, demands that he accept his place as her heir.

His dead father’s rebellion want him to stand as a figurehead for their insurgency.

When he refuses his mother, she turns her wrath on those he loves. Kare knows he must face her. He returns to Abendau, his mother’s city, to confront her.

If he defeats her, he can reshape his future; if he fails, he’ll face her horrific vengeance.

Praise for Abendau:

‘Devastating in its stark gritty delivery… a strong science fiction series from a thoughtful and intelligent writer’
Allen Stroud, British Fantasy Society journal.

‘Gets under the skin of the main characters, is emotionally tuned, paints a big picture effortlessly, and keeps moving’ Mr J S Valentine

Previously $4.00

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Sunset Over Abendau

by Jo Zebedee

Kare promised he’d hold the Empire for ten years and no longer. A decade later, he’s no closer to freeing himself. Haunted by past events, in a role he hates, the temptation to walk away bites deep.

When the lost heritage of his father is revealed, a new path opens to him, one threatened when old enemies rise against those he loves. To safeguard them, Kare will have to fight for the Empire he despises and face the deadly secret hidden deep beneath Abendau’s desert.

“A bright and fresh new voice in the genre, brimming with imagination, subtle worldbuilding and engaging characters” Francis Knight, author of Fade to Black

“has raised the level so high, I have no idea how Zebedee will top it!” Nathan Hystad, editor, Woodbridge Press

“I proudly give out my first 10 out of 10” – Cathbad Maponus

Previously $4.11