by R C Ducantlin

Men are a subspecies in most of the galaxy.

A young human girl has remarkable abilities. Bonnie, a young girl from dusty west Texas, is known across the galaxy as Aalborinn, Daughter of the Redeemer, First Daughter of the Plentari.

The Plentari, an ancient race of alien warriors, believe Aalborinn will save the galaxy.

She accepts the role thrust upon her by the galaxy. With her new crew, she must find the strength to harness her abilities.

Plentari Warriors Are Women. Fierce, Strong, Loyal, And Feared Across The Galaxy. Aalborinn is a Plentari Warrior.

The world as she knew it, no longer exists. She cannot let the galaxy fall into chaos and anarchy, or worse, the complete elimination of all life.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion