A World Too Far

by Sheron Wood McCartha

Yanked out of cryo before her scheduled time, Elise Fujeint is pressed into taking over as captain on a star ship ready to mutiny. Earth’s expedition to populate a chosen world has failed. During the hundred years of travel, the planet has become a radiation-drenched wasteland.

Chaos erupts over where to go and sixty ships jump into the unknown, only to become lost in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Now as captain, Elise must battle crisis after crisis, either on board among terrified travelers, or from the outside dangers of space.

Friends, enemies, lovers and assassins keep the fleet in turmoil while asteroids, black holes, radiation, aliens and more challenge the fleet’s survival.

Will the fleet find its way to a habitable planet or will a place for desperate humans be a world too far?

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure